Plex is the true destination for those who want t watch their favorite shows and movies from different channels in one place. It has an amazing and beautiful collection of streaming content that will not only keep you entertained by also offer the complete package in one place. Along with this, you can enjoy live web shows, a growing catalog of movies, news, podcasts, and TV & DVR shows. Due to the heavy demand of the user’s Plex bring everything together on a single app that can be accessed on almost all the devices without concerning where you are. 

Features of Plex Streaming Application

Plex streaming applications offer amazing features to users. The following are the various features that users can avail by activating the Plex Tv app on their devices:

  1. Plex offers more than 80 streaming channels along with the Live TV experience. It offers recorded local shows, sports, and news as well.
  2. Users can stream more than 20,000 free and on-demand movies as well as shows from various channels.
  3. It allows users to manage their shows or movies and make their own streaming collections of shows, tv, music, and more on all their devices.
  4. Plex TV app is available for free. But if the user wants to enjoy paid shows for free then they can subscribe to the Premium subscription plan.

Eligible devices for Plex

Now let’s checkout which are the various devices to access the Plex TV application. As per Plex, all the smart devices are eligible to stream the plex tv application. The following is the list of devices eligible to access the Plex Tv application:

  1. Amazon Fire TV
  2. Android TV
  3. Apple TV
  4. Chromecast
  5. Roku Device
  6. Smart TVs
  7. Android and iOS devices
  8. Xbox
  9. Nvidia Sheild
  10. PlayStation
  11. VR devices like Oculus Go
  12. Amazon Alexa
  13. Sonos
  14. Caavo
  15. Windows Devices
  16. And more similar devices

If you have any of the above-mentioned devices then you will be able to watch the Plex TV application on your device. After making sure that your device is eligible to stream plex you need to activate the device or register the device with the Plex TV app.

How to activate a Plex TV streaming application on your deice?

  1. First of all on your device navigate to the Application store.
  2. Here search for Plex Tv application.
  3. Click on the Download button and the application will start installing.
  4. After completion of the installation process you need to go to the home page of the apps.
  5. Further locate the Plex Tv application and launch the app
  6. Now you need to log in with the Plex Tv account using the username and password.
  7. After login you will see an activation code will appear on the screen. 
  8. Save this activation code and move ahead.
  9. Visit with the help of a web browser of your device
  10. Here login to your Plex Tv account again if necessary
  11. Enter the activation code in the blank box available on the screen
  12. Click on the “Continue” button and complete the rest of the instructions.
  13. In the end a success message will display on the screen.
  14. After that go to your device and refresh the screen
  15. You will see all the shows and movies on your screen are ready to play.